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Smart home for energy savings, living comfort and security

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Between the programming of the equipment, the intercommunication between the various smart home products and the possibility of controlling them remotely, the smart home offers many advantages: time saving, automation of daily tasks, major security of the home, energy savings, etc...

Smart home and energy savings

The smart home and home automation allow you to save on heating costs and lower your energy bill. Indeed, the programming and control of the equipment allows the optimisation of each appliance: heating settings in each room according to the occupancy of the dwelling and the outside temperature, programming of shutters, switching on objects via connected sockets, etc. The programming of connected objects allows the definition of various scenarios determined according to the specific needs of each one, avoiding for example thermal waste in unoccupied areas of the home.

Thanks to the programming options and the sensors that allow the smart home products to be adapted to the conditions of the home, energy consumption is optimised as precisely as possible, particularly at the points where it is often the most important: heating, lighting, water consumption, ventilation etc. It is generally considered that the owners of a smart home save up to 25% on their energy bill.

Smart home and living comfort

The smart home can also control, through connected devices, a whole series of parameters affecting the comfort of the inhabitants of the dwelling: light, temperature control, air quality, air conditioning, music volume... The connected house is the possibility to create a list of missing items in the refrigerator, to control the coffee maker or the television remotely, to modulate the light according to the rooms, to launch your favourite playlist on your shower enclosure... everything you need to create a pleasant environment in your home.


A smart home is also a guarantee of comfort in the sense that it frees your mind from time-consuming and repetitive tasks. A smart house means freeing yourself from daily chores, for example, automatically watering the garden according to the weather or closing all the blinds and shutters every evening. And remote control also means that you can forget to turn off a radiator or turn on the alarm - a simple click on your smartphone is all it takes to rectify the situation. What's more, the ability to monitor power consumption on a room-by-room basis means you can keep energy consumption under control and free yourself from budget anxiety. In short, the smart home means less worries and more time for you!

Smart home and security

Finally, the smart home is a precious ally in terms of the security of your home. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help prevent fires or accidents, while flood sensors warn you in case of a leak. In addition, cameras connected with motion detector can detect any intrusion into your home. In addition to providing real-time visual control, the camera will immediately alert you via a message or notification on your smartphone, and can set off an audible alarm in the house. Finally, you can also opt for a smart lock and manage access to your home more easily.


The smart home is also a very useful solution for elderly people or people with reduced mobility. The automation of tasks makes it easier to be independent at home and there are connected accessories such as connected alert bracelets that warn relatives in case of a fall or discomfort for example. These devices will improve the quality of life of the people concerned while reassuring those around them about their health or safety.

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