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Aqara wireless mini switch review

This is the article on "Aqara sensors". I have been asked by some readers to write about what I am doing here. The first one was about the general as well as the door and window sensor of Aqara. Therefore, I will not go into everything again, but will touch on already mentioned things. This article deals with the Aqara wireless mini switch, which is quite easy to use as it offers only one button. With it you can realize various switching states, three in number.

I connected the wireless switch (45 × 45 × 12 mm) to the Aqara hub EU version (using Zigbee), which ensures that the functions of the switch are also available in Apple HomeKit. The smart wireless switch by Aqara is powered by a CR2032 button cell and can also be glued somewhere by you, it has a glue on the back. In the Xiaomi Home app or in the Apple Home app you can then define what happens during the switching states, there are: 1x press, 2x press and long press.

At home we have a wireless mini switch from Aqara at our son's bed, he can also control his lamps via speech, but if he gets out of the loft bed sleepy in the evening or at night, a switch is sometimes better. And so 1x press makes one of his lamps turn on, a second time activates the light tube under his bed and the Longpress generally turns everything off.

Three states, which you can of course assign differently, so you could set switching states and several devices in scenes or use the switch in cooperation with the hub as a "bell" for at home. There are hardly any limits. This Aqara smart wireless switch is well made and looks very stable in its plastic housing.

How much does it cost? That depends on where you order. I shot mine myself for 8 Euro, ordered from Gearbest, where there are always special offers - sometimes the sensors and switches are cheaper at Aliexpress and Banggood. The Aqara sensors and switches can also be found on eBay and Amazon, often more than twice as expensive, although they are also Chinese dealers.

The switches have a CE marking, furthermore it is best to order only small quantities in order to stay below the value limit of 22 Euro - by the way, customs includes shipping costs in this value limit. The decisive factor is what amount was actually paid to receive the goods. If postage costs are included in the final invoice amount, they will not be deducted.

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